SDCC 2014: Lego Batman 3 with special guest Adam West!


One of the most popular family game franchises of recent memory has to be the ‘Lego” adaptations. Whether it’s Star Wars to The Hobbit, kids and adults can revel in their favorite universes and stories, Lego style.

One such iteration is the Lego Batman series which is set to debut its third installation with Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

Travis Willingham (Superman, Hawkman, Booster Gold) & Laura Bailey (Wonder Woman, Catwoman)

Although Travis and Laura hadn’t played the demo of their newest game, they commented on the “Ultimate Super Hero game” and its popularity among both adult and child players. While the game is easy for children to relate to, it has the humor to cater to an older crowd.

Travis, a fan of Christopher Reeve’s Superman, and Laura, partial to Michelle Pfeifer’s Catwoman, are excited about the upcoming release due to the amount of characters involved in the game and the fact that the universe is not limited to only Gotham. The pair was also incredibly grateful when asked how it was like to be invited back to voice the same characters:

Bailey: “It’s intimidating and wonderful, I just hope we do them justice.”

Willingham: “It’s nice when the take on a character that you’ve done is appreciated enough to have you back and not have someone else come in and do it. *laughs* We’re very thankful for that and we love these characters. For some of us it’s like if you get to play a Wonder Woman or a Superman that’s kind of like a check mark on many actor’s list, if you’re a fan of any kind of these characters.”

LEGO Batman 3_BatmanRobin_01

Troy Baker (Batman)

Troy couldn’t contain his excitement at being in the same room as Adam West and was honored to be playing Batman as he grew up with the 1960s show. While answering the various questions thrown at him, it was quite obvious he was a massive Batman fan, and if there was any character he could voice it would have to be Deathstroke.

While he is definitely enjoying playing Batman, Troy had nothing but respect for those that voiced the titular character before him:

“[…]What Kevin did with Batman for 23 years, I applaud  like Jason O’Mara who’s done it in the films. There’s a lot of people that have come since that have done that, but it’s like that will always be the definitive Batman, Mark Hamil will always be the definitive Joker. If I could have one thing like that in my life? I’m done, it’s great […]”

He also joked about wanting to voice act god, which most geeks would probably die to hear.

Arthur Parsons (Game Director)

One of the improvements or things that Arthur was most excited to talk about was moving the game out into the universe, including the Green Lantern universe, 1960s batman and the massive, massive selection of characters. (There are over a hundred). Arthur pretty much got to cross every single thing off his wishlist.

In terms of implementing the vast DC universe within the LEGO universe and the liberty it allowed him, Parsons had this to say:

“The best thing about digging into the DC universe is finding crazy stuff. Everybody knows the Justice League. Everyone pretty much knows the Legion of Doom […] but then the Lantern world is something new to a lot of people, but then digging right down and being able to put characters in like Krypto the super dog, being able to put in Batcow — I didn’t even know who Batcow was! I didn’t know he was a real, legitimate comic until my designer just comes in and go, “Look I told you!” because I thought they were pulling my chain and It was like okay we’ll put Batcow in the game.[…] the main difficulty is restraining yourself because you get to the point where it’s like: “And then, and then, and then” and then we’ve gone and finished the game.[…]”

Each character will have their own special features and distinct personalities. Characters will have a stealth mode which will see Lex Luthor turn invisible while Cyborg will turn into a washing machine just as an example. Every character will have their own quirks and unique abilities that can be activated at the press of a button.

LEGO Batman 3_JokerLexLuthor_01

Josh Keaton (Green Lantern, Shazam) & Scott Porter (Aquaman, Super Boy)

Josh Keaton sat down with a big smile on his face and a Green Lantern mask hanging from his neck. He was incredibly excited to once again voice Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. While commenting on how tight knight the voice acting community is, Josh told us he was not afraid to act foolish in front of his colleagues and that familiarity allowed him to not be stifled creatively.

At this point Scott joined our table and coaxed Josh into giving us a rendition of the Green Lantern’s oath…hich was done complete with use of the Green Lantern mask.

I had the chance to ask Josh what he would imagine given the power of the Lantern ring and ask Scott what creature he would summon from the depths. I have to say their answers were surprising.

Josh: “I imagine a floor full of ultra sharp LEGOs for an enemy to cross, that’s what I imagine”

Scott: “[…] A lot of Aquaman’s fault is that he takes himself so seriously in the books so I went back and watched the ’60s cartoon and he has a seahorse named Storm and I was just like, “Oh god, this is exactly what I want to put into the game, a giant seahorse named Storm.” Storm is kinda like his Lassie, it’s like ” What do you mean? Aqua Lad’s trapped in a building?” Why are there buildings underneath the ocean? I have no idea. I think there’s something so campy and quirky about him riding this, it’s not a steed, it’s not this magnificent- it’s a seahorse. Just a faithful seahorse.  It looks like something you could win at one of those carnival alleys. ‘Oh Wow, I knocked down three milk jugs, give me that giant seahorse!'”

LEGO Batman 3_Cyborg_01

Adam West (1960s Batman)

One of the biggest surprises of this press event was an appearance made by none other, Adam West. As several reporters crowded over a comically small table, the dark knight regaled us with tales of his favourite villains, his role on Family Guy, and some of his favourite lines from the upcoming title:

“Looks like its time for a senior superhero to go out and dispense some justice!”

“Help! I’m Adam West, I’m in some kind of peril!”

West also remarked on whether his characters were some kind of persona or an extension, remarking that he simply “exaggerated” the quirkier parts of his personality. He also had this to say about bringing his Batman character to an audience that probably hadn’t experienced it before:

“Well when I look at you, and I see that you turned out okay, that’s rewarding too. Because I get judges, I get janitors, I get plumbers, I get lawyers, I get doctors coming up to me all the time, and they say kind of what you did ‘Gee I watched Batman and that changed my whole life’ ‘Because of you I’m out fighting crime!’ *laughs*”

While incredibly humble, the Batman star had no problems discussing the details of his illustrious career as he previewed this upcoming LEGO game. When someone mentioned any villains he’d like to play, he had a couple of interesting choices. It would be no surprise that he selected a “more grotesque” version of Joker but the actor also expressed an interest into taking on Mr. Freeze.

While all the voice actors and crew expressed their gratefulness to being asked back to reprise certain roles, the bulk of their excitement came from being able to not only share this game with fans of the DC universe, but bring these iconic characters to a new generation of fans.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is scheduled for release later this year for Wii u, Nintendo 3DS, PC, PS4, PS3, PS VITA, Xbox One and Xbox 360!

Source: LEGO

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