New Hyrule Warriors information including playable Ganondorf


With Hyrule Warriors releasing on September 26th, Nintendo wanted to release more information on the game via a special Nintendo Direct that solely focused on the upcoming title developed in collaboration with Tecmo Koei Games.

Lots of new information was released including stages, weapons, items and even playable characters. We knew that enemies from the previous Zelda series would be making an appearance in the game but now we know characters like Zant and Ghirahim will be selectable characters in the game, each with their own fighting skills and techniques.

Watch the 26 minute Nintendo Direct video and see how each character fights, sub weapons and even learn about the announced costume packs which will be available at select retailers including a set for Ganondorf, who yes is also a playable character in this brand new adventure.

2_GANONDORF_ hyrule warriors 3_GANONDORF_SWORD_3 hyrule warriors

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