SDCC 2014: The Blackheart Burlesque

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Nerd Reactor’s Adam and I had the chance to go watch the lovely Blackheart Burlesque on Saturday night of San Diego Comic-Con. If you’re not aware of what the Blackheart Burlesque is, it’s a show put on by the Suicide Girls that involves burlesque (obviously) mixed with some of our favorite nerdy things like The Legend of Zelda or Star Wars. The show they put on when we attended included about 10 dances in total. One of those was with an audience member, and probably the best one. Here is what both Adam and I had to say about the show.


The dances the girls put on were good, but not top notch. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but I feel with a bit more choreography and organization, it would be one hell of a show. It’s definitely a good show to start off with if you’re just getting into burlesque and whatnot. Not to mention the girls are extremely beautiful, and have perfect bodies!

Unfortunately, the venue didn’t provide seats for people. Not even people they asked to cover the event. Which kind of sucked because I couldn’t see. And if I couldn’t see, Adam definitely couldn’t see! (He’s shorter than I am.) A lot of the people who were guests had the same problem as well. Luckily, they had TVs hung up high so that if you couldn’t see the stage you could just watch it through there. But who wants to see pictures of another screen? We were able to catch a few pictures of the girls dancing, but only by zooming it by a lot. I think they’re okay for what we got though.

suicidegirls burlesuq

My personal favorite dance was the one where they invited an audience member to the stage, like I mentioned before. The scenario was that he had to read a story on a paper while she danced around and tried to distract him. He won, but boy did she dance! It was fantastic, and well put together. I’m sure she killed a few people in the audience with that performance.

Overall, I think the show was worth attending. Despite not being able to see much and the dances being a bit scrambled, I would for sure go again. If the Blackheart Burlesque comes to your town and you’re looking for something not too expensive and fun to do, then I recommend checking it out. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of perfect Suicide Girls perform?


From the standpoint of a socially adapt nerd, the Blackheart Burlesque is everything you would need, in late night entertainment. Naked, beautiful women, prancing around to music which filled your childhood to the brim with adventures in far off lands, will make you never see Link in the same light again. In fact, I absolutely applaud the Blackheart Burlesque for its attention to costuming detail.

The question I’m asked most is, how does this differ from a strip club? Well, my socially awkward hombre, it’s a group spectacle. You’re in a large room, watching attractive women remove clothing, dance, and entertain you for a few hours, while you attempt to catch a glimpse from between the twelve basketball players in the front row. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able spectate the live performance, but instead saw much of it through the many monitors placed around the theatre.

Here’s where I’m slightly disappointed in; not the performance, but the venue for this wonderful late night dive. I would highly recommend only attending if there is seating available unless you’re taller than 6 feet. My own vertically challenged demeanor wasn’t able to quite enjoy the event, and getting to the front it nearly impossible unless you’re prepared to traverse what I’ve lovingly dubbed “a can of sexually-aroused sardines.” It’s a great show, but worth it if there’s comfortable location to rest your posterior, order a few drinks, and enjoy the demolition of the last shred left in your childhood innocence.

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