Big Bite Bacon Festival shows just how amazing bacon really is


I am a huge foodie, so when I had the chance to check out the many different bacon dishes as possible at the Big Bite Bacon Festival in Long Beach, there was no way I could say no. This was the first year the event was held in Long Beach, with previous events being held in San Diego. I had a chance to chat with the attendees before the event opened, and they were very excited to try some new takes on bacon.


The Big Bite Bacon Festival was split into two different events: one during lunch and one during dinner. I decided to attend the lunch event. For $45 dollars you would be able to sample all the different booth offerings from noon til 2:30 pm. For an extra $10 you would also get to sample the different local beers. For a better bang for your buck you could purchase the VIP tickets ($20 dollars more) that would allow you entry an hour early and also entry into the VIP area with a few extra goodies like a t-shirt and a special lanyard to hold your limited edition Bacon Fest Glass.


In the one hour before opening, I had the chance to try all the different bacon offerings, waiting no longer than 10 minutes each. Since many of the booths were freshly cooking their food, there was plenty to go around.


After the doors opened for the general public at noon…

The lines were huge with wait lines. Cooking could take 20+ minutes especially for some of the popular booths. It was all definitely worth it and many people got to try some very unique spins on bacon.

Now the best part…Eating all the bacon! 


There were so many amazing smells coming from the events. You saw bacon everywhere including this huge pan of bacon cooking the moment you walked in from Big Bubba’s BBQ. The line was always huge for this booth and the food was delicious. I went back for seconds even after everyone else came in, since it was worth it.


Slater’s 50/50 was pretty close to being my top pick with their bacon and fried egg burger that was just tasty without any condiments. I think I had about 3 of these burgers since they were freshly making them. Afternoon the line for these was insanely long.


Meat Inc. was my 2nd favorite place. The guys were really friendly to everyone who came to try their bacon wrapped meatballs and chocolate dipped bacon. I’ve had bacon dipped in chocolate a few times before and this was just perfect. While the chocolate was there, it was just the right amount. The meatball wrapped bacon itself was also delicious.


There were some other great Bacon offerings like…


A bacon hot dog with bacon corn from Dia de los Puercos Grub Truck.


Bacon and Pork sliders, Bacon wrapped Jalapenos and shrimp.

Even Whole Foods was there offering some very unique and delicious tastes like…


Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Cluckers.


Smokey Bacon Gumbo. That was delicious and perfect with southern spices.


And this very unique spin on shaved ice, known as Maple Bacon Dirty Ice. It contains bacon pieces, pecans, pralines, red quinoa and maple lemon syrup. It was a very sweet and delicious flavor you wouldn’t expect.


There were also tons of desserts centered around bacon. While bacon donuts have been around for a while, it’s always nice to enjoy one for its sweet and crunchiness. I also got to try bacon cupcakes and strawberry shortcake with bacon.

Bacfest17 Bacfest18 Bacfest16 Bacfest15 Bacfest14 Bacfest13 Bacfest7

Coca-Cola was also at the event handing out some soda to wash down all the bacon goodness, even letting you customize a Coke can with your name along with a friends.


Finally as I mentioned before, there were local beers available to try if you added the beer option to your ticket. I tried a few, and Beer with Bacon is awesome.


So what was my top choice at the Big Bite Bacon Fest? It was a tough decision to make with all the amazing bacon dishes, but I had to give it to BigMista.


They had a few different options but I told them to let me try everything at once and what I got was one of the best baked beans with bacon I’ve had. It had just the right amount of spice, a delicious spicy bacon sauce, another bacon wrapped yummy and candied bacon.


While I only got a taste (well okay, I went back three times) I definitely want to try their full menu. They don’t have a shop yet but they do have stands and locations in Glendale, Century City and Los Angeles. I will be looking for them pretty soon.

The event was great. I made tons of new bacon friends. This was my first time at a food event like this, and I know I want to do more after this. Yelp was even at the scene and has locations for all the places I mentioned and more.


While I can still taste all those delicious bacon delicacies and local beers, it’s time to hit the gym and wait for the next food festival event. 

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