SDCC 2014: Interview with Mike Tyson and Jim Rash on Mike Tyson Mysteries

Mike Tyson Mysteries

When you think of Mike Tyson, there are certain number of things that come to mind: boxing, face tattoos, the Hangover…and Cartoon Mysteries?

Mike Tyson (Yes THAT Mike Tyson) is getting his very own cartoon show titled Mike Tyson Mysteries which will star Micheal and a slew of other characters as they attempt to solve mysteries in a Scooby Doo-esque fashion. Jim Rash of Community fame will play the Marquess of Queensbury, the  ‘official endorser’ of the rules of boxing and Micheal’s ghost sidekick. Legendary Canadian comedian Norm Macdonald will play the crude and aptly named bird ‘Pigeon’ while Rachel Ramras is Tyson’s adopted Korean daughter, Yung Hee.

When Jim Rash joined our table the conversation leaned towards how he voiced the character, his relationship with the project and even what his favourite ghost power would be. Rash was torn when originally trying to figure out the voice for his character, the Marquess of Queensberry (Or as Mike refers to him “Marcus”). Originally planned to have a British accent, the Oscar winner opted for a voice that he described as “That high school friend who went to England or London for the summer who came back and suddenly had an accent.”

Rash also had the chance to answer a question about his fellow co-star and funny man Norm Macdonald.

NR: What’s it like working with Norm Macdonald?

Jim Rash: It’s great, he’s hilarious. He really is. Luckily we do a little bit, sort of in that style of (working) all together in the room, not always but those times, which I always feel bring out the best in everybody. He’s just naturally funny and smart and always has a story for something. That said, sometimes you’re like “we gotta go” and he’s telling a story *laughs*.


With a  packed media room and not much known about the show, many where curious as to how the show came to be or more specifically, how Tyson came to be involved in the cartoons.

“This is what happened, this is what really happened. Every now and then, remember when they had Bart Simpson? Every now and then they would bust my chops and have me be with Bart Simpson and stuff and I would get mad and threaten the guys when I see them, and I took myself totally too serious back then. It is what it is and I like doing this stuff now.”

While Mike may have brought the original idea to Warner Bros, he talked about how the show’s creators crafted his character, decided to make him a detective and integrated his love of pigeons. (The pigeons carry messages from people asking for Tyson’s character’s help with solving a mystery.) While reporters asked for more specifics on the show, Tyson would often reply with a simple yes/no answer, along with a coy smile, not divulging any details before the show’s release in the fall of 2014.


Along with his upcoming cartoon, Tyson also suggested that he would like to pursue a Broadway show along with more serious acting. He demonstrated this serious side when asked if he ever suggested re-writes for his character:

“If you’re a professional I’ll make it work, let’s make it work. Anybody can say ‘Well I’m not gonna do that, I wanna do it where I’m satisfied’ I’m very comfortable being uncomfortable so I just go for it”


Warner Bros. certainly is taking this show seriously, as Tyson’s likeness was found to adorn some of this year’s Comic-Con bags handed out to attendees. The show debuts on Adult Swim this fall.

You can check out the hilarious SDCC 2014 preview below and the Comic Con panel here!

Source: Warner Bros., Indie Wire

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