New extended trailer for The Last: Naruto the Movie


Just this past Friday, the official website for the upcoming Naruto movie (The Last: Naruto the Movie) released an extended version of their official trailer. The film will premiere in Japan on December 6, 2014, and will be a part of the Naruto Shin Jidai Kaimaku Project (Naruto’s New Era Opening Project) for the 15th anniversary of the original manga.

Masashi Kishimoto, the original creator and mangaka of the series, will be once again producing new designs for the characters, in addition to supervising the film. The official film website has released 2 of said new character designs for Naruto.


“Mission” version


“One of My Hobbies” version

In addition, on a poster for the film, it is revealed that Tsuneo Kobayashi (Twelve Kingdoms, Midori Days, Kurokami The Animation, Emma: A Victorian Romance, etc.) is directing the film.


Text: “Naruto, the final story.”

Although we won’t be seeing this one in North America anytime soon, the last Naruto film, Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie (2012), will finally be premiering at select theaters on August 29th.

Check out their website for upcoming news!

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