Wicked Audio Solus headphone review: Pleasant price and quality

wicked solus headphones over the ear

If you’re looking for decent quality sound and comfort, then Wicked’s over-ear headphone Solus is worthy of your speculation.

Full disclaimer: I’ve never been one to enjoy over-ear headphones. They are clunky, chunky, and my ears get really hot in them. So why did I even bother reviewing this piece? Because I wanted to see how it compared to the ubiquitous Beats by Dre.

A basic pair of Beats by Dre headphones can cost you around $200, which is a pretty steep price to pay–even for the branding. But, the branding I do realize is what people buy into, much like how people want to own a Benz with little regard to how ridiculous the cost of maintenance would be.

I borrowed a neighbor’s pair of Beats for the day, and as expected, I found nothing unique about the experience. Maybe because I don’t sport them around while walking through the mall, or play a heavy set at a popular nightclub. As far as functionality for my day-to-day was concerned, there was nothing impressive about it. In fact, Wicked even did their own ‘test’ out on the streets between the Wicked Solus and Beats by Dre, and had similar results.

The Wicked Solus runs for about $65 online, which is a far more affordable option. But then the question becomes, what kind of quality do I get now with these headphones? Pretty reasonable, actually.

2014-07-31 08.12.01

Product Quality

The headphones come with a travel pouch, which in all honesty, was probably the one piece of the puzzle that could have used a bit more care and attention. The bag is nothing to write home about, and a rather standard material, but if you aren’t planning on trekking up a mountain or through the dusty desert, then the bag does what it’s supposed to do. But, in a basic sense.

You collapse the headphones to fit into the bag. Alright, I lied earlier, this is another part of the product that could have afforded some extra care. The hinges are a bit loose, so while the collapsing is easy, the headphones can just as easily pop back out–which made packing the product a slight hassle. Just stay collapsed, damnit.

wicked audio solus side viewBut enough on the negatives of the Solus–let’s look at some of the positives.

The headphones are very light in weight (almost a little too light), but it makes for decent long-time wear. The band is pretty sturdy, but gives enough stretch for the widest of heads. I’m particularly fond of the cushioned ear cups, however. While the faux-leather material can make you feel hot after some time, it’s very comfortable and does a decent job of walling off outside sound.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks of wear, the faux leather already started to tear, and I’m not a very clumsy person.

The plastic of the headphones feels a bit flimsy, so if you’re pretty violent with your stuff, this won’t be a great investment for you. The braided cloth cord is a nice feature, since it helps to prevent tangling, however at only 4 feet long, you’ll find yourself needing an extension cord if you’re a booth DJ or a gamer with a large TV screen. But, I still prefer a coiled cord so it stays out of the way.

There’s also a volume control and mono/stereo switch fitted right into the cord, which makes for easy control.

wicked audio solus volume control

Sound Quality

We’ve already established (in the street test comparison between Beats and Solus) that the sound is pretty decent. The noise isolation feature coupled with stereo sound prevented me from hearing many of my coworkers walk into my office and yell my name. Which could be a good or bad thing, depending on whether there’s a fire that I need to run away from.

The enhanced bass feature adds some depth to your sound, as long as the sound you’re listening to is an action-packed game you’re playing or electronic music. The vocal tracks from the music I listened to tended to get lost in the mix of it all, but it’s only a minor complaint.

wicked solus headphones flipped out cup

Other Features

The cups can flip outward, which is a nice feature if you’re a DJ or mixing music (but from what I’ve been told, it’s mainly for style and comfort and not necessarily to hear anything differently. Other DJs, feel free to correct me on this.) I suppose it’s also nice to use it as a way to let your friend listen to what you’re listening to without removing the headphones, but that’s about it.

wicked audio solus inside bandThe red color is striking against the black, and adds to the overall persona of the Wicked brand. Walking around with it, I have had people come up and ask if I was wearing Beats by Dre. I’m not quite sure if that was the brand’s intent, because Wicked’s other headphones look much different than the Solus. I suspect that the Solus was created in response to the growing popularity of Beats by Dre, which I feel is definitely more stylish, trendy and sleeker in purely aesthetic terms.

Overall Reaction

For around $65, the headphones deliver. Not sure I’d be confident in purchasing these if they were priced higher, seeing how the quality of the product is only sub-par. But if you’re kind to your things and need a pair of headphones to play your games in peace, then you should consider the Solus for your next purchase.

Rating: 3.5/5 atoms

NR 3_5 Atoms - B-



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