SDCC 2014: Super Megaforce Rangers and Jason David Frank


Like last year, the Nerd Reactor team was invited to interview the cast of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, who were joined by the Silver Ranger Cameron Jebo, and Green Ranger Jason David Frank.

For the Megaforce team, we chatted about how things have been going for them since last yea, how it feels to be the Pirate Rangers who can transform into any previous ranger from the series, what was it like living together with an extra member of the team, what’s in store for the next season and what they did before they were Power Rangers?


Right after we were joined by Jason David Frank.



For the second year in a row Bandai released a few exclusive items like a Green Ranger Tokyo vinyl, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers key set, and a legacy 24k Gold Dragon Dagger which was very hard to get this year compared to last year. I wasn’t even able to secure mine until Sunday.


Since last year Jason has done a lot including being a frequent guest at the Wizard World convention, filming My Morphin Life, sky diving, running a martial arts school, training in Muay Thai and fighting. The man does so many things and also spends so much time giving back to his fans all while being a family man. He was recently injured but he still came down to chat with us which was followed up by 3 days of autograph signings. I have to say that this Jason is humble and awesome, which is why so many fans love him.


Watch our interview with JDF as he talks about fighting C.M. Punk, his fans, his schedule, what he would be doing if he wasn’t in Power Rangers and more.

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