SDCC 2014: Robot Chicken and Mr. Pickles production team interview

Robot-Chicken-Mr Pickles
Robot Chicken
 has been on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim for quite some time, and we were extremely lucky to be able to speak with their production team at San Diego Comic-Con. If you don’t know what Robot Chicken is, I feel sorry for you and I suggest you Google it ASAP. We were also able to interview the up-and-coming adult-themed cartoon, Mr. Pickles, which is about an extremely evil dog that does what it wants just to get a pickle. The interviews were conducted roundtable style with other journalists.

Tom Root, who is the co-head writer, and Zebb Wells, who is both writer and director for Robot Chicken, eagerly joined our table first. These two have been with the team for quite a while and they did start off by telling us that it does get difficult at times to come up with new ideas. Zebb also went on about how the puppets themselves are sometimes not of the best quality to work with, but despite that, they do love doing what they do. The thing about Robot Chicken is that they will go on hiatus for a while until a major pop-culture event occurs. For Tom, he felt that the topics that he loved covering are superheroes since those are all understandable because of their powers. I was able to ask how long it took to write their sketches since a lot of their sketches are sometimes no longer than 3 seconds. Tom feels that it matters on the writer, since he himself is a little lazy (jokingly) when it comes to writing compared with other writers. Our table then started talking about curry and Dungeons and Dragons. It was like a Robot Chicken episode in itself.


Brecklin Meyer and Matthew Senreich, from the Robot Chicken team, joined us next. Just like the last two team members, they were very upbeat and you can feel their jovial vibes. I don’t know if this was an actual roundtable press conference, since it seemed like we were just a bunch of guys talking about random things; which was awesome! After the joking calmed down, they did tell us about which talented people they loved working with on the show. They stated a lot of names and surprisingly George Lucas was one of their favorites. Apparently it surprised them that Lucas was willing to even do the show, but apparently he loved it. During their Star Wars bits, they offered the Han Solo parts to Harrison Ford, but he shut them down; we had a laugh at this. Brecklin stated he was a fan of Katie Sackoff, and loved that fact that she sat down and did a sketch with them. These two were pretty much high energy and hilarious to talk to. I’m glad they’re a big part of Robot Chicken.

Mr. Pickles

Will Carsola and Dave Stewart  of Mr. Pickles blessed us with their presence after the Robot Chicken crew. If you don’t know what Mr. Pickles is, I suggest you watch the pilot here (The show doesn’t air until this September on Adult Swim). If you’re squeamish and faint of heart, then this new cartoon isn’t for you. Both Will and Dave just finished creating the entire first season which consists of 10 episodes, and they seemed pretty excited about it. If you’ve watched the pilot, there’s a lot of evil being done by this dog (Mr. Pickles) just to get a pickle as a reward. I asked both of them how they came up with these random evil situations for Mr. Pickles to encounter or get into. Apparently, both Will and Dave do something they call a “write off”. They pretty much write whatever’s on their mind and use the best ideas for the episode. Dave says that they just let their imaginations run wild until it’s all on paper.

One main thing about this show is that one person only sees Mr. Pickles committing the dirty deeds while everyone else thinks he’s crazy, and that’s the grandpa. We asked Will and Dave if anyone actually witnesses Mr. Pickles doing his deeds, and they answered with, “They..ummm…don’t really end up in the best place…” translated: they die horribly. If you’re interested in morbid, dirty humor, tune in for Mr. Pickles this fall on Adult Swim!

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