SDCC 2014: Falling Skies, see what’s coming in 2014


Alien invasion has been quite the popular theme since the golden age of cinema. HG Wells’ The War of The Worlds popularized the genre for readers everywhere, but only about 60 years later was it ever adapted to the silver screen with The Man From Planet X in 1951. With so many modern renditions of this popular scenario, it’s difficult to stand out in a sea of Independence Days and Mars Attacks! Falling Skies, a TNT original that’s executive produced by the one and only Steven Spielberg, combines TV drama with the carnage of invasion we love so much.


As the show approaches its fourth season, we were given the opportunity to meet the cast at SDCC 2014. According to their promises and praise, it’s going to be one hell of a season. David Eick has delivered repeatedly after his appearance. Twists fill the story as we move into the next season, in anticipation of what’s to come from this one of a kind series.

The Espheni, Falling Skies’ invading alien army, has dealt with civil war, as well as repeated failures in domination of the planet. Eick explains that it’s an arc that they wish to elaborate before the show’s completion in Season 5.

“These characters are not of one mind. They’re not just a hive-like simplistic being. They might have differences with one another. They might have feelings for one another. They might have jealousies that could get in the way of their agenda. In season 5 we’ll explore that further.”

We’re promised to see new species as well as some “terrifying” hybrids in the near future, so keep your eyes to the skies, unless it’s Sunday night. Then tune into TNT  and enjoy some awesome science fiction.


Along with the show, we also caught a first glimpse at Falling Skies: The Game. I have some experience with TV show games, and must say, like the rest, this was also a disappointment. While I do understand that some fans don’t mind a game’s uniqueness or overall quality, as long as they get to interact with their favorite cast and story, a certain level must be upheld when attaching the name of such a great series to a different medium.

That’s the game. No, you’re not looking at a patch for X-Com, that’s the Falling Skies game to be released later this year. I mean, if you’re going to release a show or movie game, don’t make it almost identical to one of the same genre. I’ll still enjoy the show, don’t get me wrong, but I guess the expectations for a TV-inspired video game should never match the greatness of the actual series.

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