SDCC 2014: A Rick and Morty interview

Rick and Morty is pretty much my favorite show, EVER. So when we got the opportunity to sit down and interview some of the masterminds behind it, I nearly cried. Okay maybe not, but you get the point.

Rick and Morty interview / 1

Anyways, let’s get right into it. The whole thing was a bit surreal, and the two people I got to interview were Spencer Grammer, who plays Summer, and Chris Parnell, who plays Jerry. They were an absolute joy to talk to, and I thought they were incredibly nice!

Grammer began the talk by telling all of us how much she loved the show. “You can’t run away from aliens on Greek,” she said. She then continued to explain how her and Parnell worked together in the past without even knowing it. “We were meant to work together,” he said. Aren’t they the sweetest?

The one question I’m sure everyone wanted to know the answer to was, “Are you guys currently working on season 2?”

Well you’re all in luck! “I’m about 5 or 6 episodes into the new season,” Spencer told us. “We get a new script about every 2 weeks.”

Chris went on to tell us that the new season was going to be more than 10 episodes, which even Spencer didn’t know. But hey, now she does, and now we do. Who is excited?!

Not only are they currently working on the new season, but there are going to be a bunch of new universes we get to explore. “You get to see alternate versions of our characters in different universes. It’s quite ambitious,” said Spencer.

“The animators have their work cut out for them,” Chris added.

But what goes on behind the scenes for all of them? How does Rick and Morty come together? One person asked how they recorded their lines.

“We record them separately but Justin is there. Dan has ideas and takes notes. It’s a fun process,” Grammer told all of us.

Lastly, I asked them what their favorite episode was.

“Mine would have to be the episode where Jerry is using a simulator,” says Chris. Spencer mentioned she wasn’t in that episode and Chris jokingly added, “That’s why I liked it.”

She then said that her favorite episode was called Something Ricked Comes This Way. “It’s the episode where I run from the devil and at the end we go back and beat him up,” she said. “I laughed so hard.”

Sadly, they were on the go and had to finish the interview there. However, they were amazing to work with and I loved their answers and the way they interacted with each other!

What about you guys? Are you excited for season 2? I definitely am!

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