SDCC 2014: Interview with Sharknado 2 star Ian Ziering


Tonday sharks will rain from the sky! Today the sales of chainsaws will skyrocket! It’s the phenomena that swept the world is back, and it’s biting back for a second time! Nerd Reactor got to sit down with Ian Ziering, the star of Sharknado and the sequel, Sharknado 2: The Second One. It will premiere tonight on SyFy! So raise your chainsaw high!

Nerd Reactor: You guys filmed in New York  during one of the coldest winters.

Ian: Yeah there wasn’t a day over 12 degrees when we shot, it was brutal. Mother nature is definitely a New Yorker. Very giving but she also took it away. What are you going to do?

NR: Did you guys film in snow?

Ian: Oh yeah. We had a day where it started snowing in the middle of a scene. So we just had to accept it and move on. It’s a Sharknado, we get to write our own rules! You know Sharknado is a crazy weather storm. Like alright it’s snowing, and on the other side of the train tracks it’s sunny. You know it’s crazy.


NR: How does it feel to be part of such a phenomena?

Ian: A little like deja vu. You know I worked on 90210 for 10 years and it took a few years to attain the level of global success that this movie did in one night. I think that’s just evocative of the society that we are now living in. Because of the digital age…because of the SyFy fans who happen to be one of the strongest fans in entertainment. They like it in Asia and Europe. So all of a sudden there was huge anticipation for this movie. Luckily we delivered something that they dug! And the response was so great that it spilled over into mainstream entertainment. So the anticipation for S2 is global. And it’s not just the SyFy fans, but everyone is looking forward to this fun crazy movie! It’s gonna air in 90 countries all within 24 hours! That’s gonna be ridiculous, this movie is doing something that the big movie studios in Hollywood pray for! This could be a summer event for many years to come!

NR: So we heard that you are upping the ante of the scene where you chainsaw your way out of a shark in this one. How do you top that?

Ian: Sorry I was so mesmerized by your lightning bolt earrings. What was the question? Oh yes, upping the ante. You don’t try to recreate what was so successful because it leaves the opportunity for failure. So what they have done is made some other OMG moments, other iconic visuals and other scenarios that I’m not sure what’s gonna be the takeaway meme for this.

End of interview

We can’t wait to see those “memeable” moments, and if you happen to find yourself in a real life Sharknado, tweet Ian Ziering, he promises to come and save you!

Tune in tonight to see the 2nd installment of the epic fun series on Syfy at 9pm ET.

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