Orlando Bloom punched/punked Bieber and was applauded for it

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Now I know that Celebrity Gossip isnt really Nerd Reactor’s specialty, but we HAD to post this since the world needs to know how awesome Legolas really is. It does kind of follow the old story about two guys fighting over the same girls and most people probably not knowing about it.

So apparently Orlando Bloom’s at-the-time wife, Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr, was found getting a little cozy with Justin Bieber just a few months before their divorce.


Fast Forward a few months and we have Orlando Bloom hanging out with Justin’s ex Selena Gomez. You can imagine the hate that was flowing through these two which built up and led to this moment.

At the famous Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, Spain, where stars like Diddy and Paris Hilton were also eating, the two found each other and held a tense face-off. It started with Bieber and his entourage walking past Orland Bloom’s table who refused to shake the pop star’s hand. Bieber was a bit pissed off and said, “she was good,” which was referring to Bloom’s ex-wife.

Bloom was a little pissed and threw a punch to or shoved Bieber, whose bodyguards deflected it. Mixed reports are coming in with some neutral sources telling one store, as well as people close to Justin Bieber telling a different version. In the videos posted by TMZ, you can clearly see that after Justin yells, “What up, bitch” to Orlando, the might of Legolas flowed through his blood as he went back and had a few last words with him before it all ended. When Bieber left, the crowd applauded.

It’s too bad celebrity boxing won’t happen between these two, but either way I am happy that the awesome person that is Orlando Bloom put the spoiled kid in his place. You can watch the videos and applaud for the hero Legolas here.

Source: TMZ

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