SDCC 2014: Check out The Simpsons/Family Guy crossover episode trailer!


It’s finally here. It was reported previously that The Simpsons and Family Guy, both being Fox shows, will be doing a crossover episode. The five-minute trailer was released at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend and is not available to everyone. The hour-long episode will air as part of Family Guy’s 13th season in late September.

The mixture of silliness from The Simpsons and the crudeness of Family Guy is just hilarious to watch. The Griffins somehow end up in Springfield and all seem to get along with the Simpsons family and then don’t. We see the popular jokes from both shows being used in the episode – such as Bart’s skateboarding antics and Family Guy’s “like the time I…” scenes. It looks hilarious.

They even make fun of the comments that Family Guy is a rip-off of The Simpsons using Pawtucket Ale / Duff Beer. Homer complains after drinking Pawtucket Ale, “This beer tastes exactly like Duff. It’s just a lousy rip-off”. Peter defends it, “Eh, Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. It’s not a rip-off of Duff. It may have been inspired by Duff, but I like to think it goes in a different direction.”

Maybe if this is successful, we could see more crossover between other FOX animated series within The Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad.

Check out the trailer below.

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