Nerd HQ: Conversations for a Cause: Nathan Fillion

nateNathan Fillion hosted two conversations at Nerd HQ this year; one alone and one with his friend, frequent collaborator, and fellow actor Alan Tudyk. Both sessions were sold out and raised over $6000 for Operation Smile.

Nathan’s panels are always some of the most popular of the event not just because of his massive fan following, but because throughout his chat with the audience, he auctions personal items off to further benefit Operation Smile. One very touching moment during his solo panel involved a fan talking about how three years prior, the audience pooled their money to place the winning bid on a shirt Nathan was offering up for her. She was unemployed at the time and was very touched by the gesture. This year, she stood up to offer up the same amount of money to purchase one of Nathan’s items for another audience member now that she can afford it. Nathan and Zachary Levi, who was sitting near the edge of the stage, were very impressed by this as was the entire audience.

Check out both of Nathan’s panels here:

For more information on Nerd HQ and Conversations for a Cause for next year, visit The Nerd Machine.

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