League of Legends: Gnar, The Missing Link, revealed

League of Legends BannerToo long have we waited. Too long have the Fields of Justice not seen fresh Yordle blood splatted throughout Baron pit. Too long have we waited for Gnar, The Missing Link. In what can be described as a somewhat Nidalee-esque Yordle, the newest character for League of Legends will be a shape-shifter. While I’ve been getting my Yordle fix at bottom lane with Tristanna, I’ve felt horrible for my friends at top lane who’ve had to switch off Teemo due to the current meta.


Abilities for Gnar: The Missing Link 

  • Passive: Rage Gene
    Gnar builds up rage in combat. Once he fills his rage bar, Gnar’s next ability transforms him into Mega Gnar, giving him bonus armor, magic resist, health and attack damage at the expense of movement speed, attack speed and attack range. If Mini Gnar doesn’t use an ability, he transforms into Mega Gnar after a few seconds anyway. While in Mega Gnar form, his rage slowly runs down, and once it’s exhausted, he turns back into Mini Gnar. After transforming back, Mini Gnar briefly becomes tired and can’t gain rage for a few seconds.
  • Q: Mini Gnar – Boomerang Throw
    Gnar chucks his boomerang in a target direction, dealing damage to the first enemy struck while applying a slow. After striking an enemy, the boomerang slows before returning to Gnar, dealing reduced damage to all enemies in its path. If Gnar catches it, he reduces Boomerang Throw’s cooldown significantly.

  • Q: Mega Gnar – Boulder Toss
    Gnar launches a huge boulder in a target direction, damaging and slowing the first target in the boulder’s path along with all nearby enemies. Once it’s landed, Gnar can pick the boulder up to reduce Boulder Toss’ cooldown.

  • W: Mini Gnar – Hyper (passive)
    Every third attack or ability against a target deals percent max health as magic damage. Whenever Hyper triggers, or when Mega Gnar transforms back into Mini Gnar, he gains a moderate movement speed boost that decays over time.
  • W: Mega Gnar – Wallop
    Gnar stands on his back legs before slamming his fists into the ground, damaging and briefly stunning all enemies in front of him.
  • E: Mini Gnar – Hop
    Gnar jumps in a target direction and gains a moderate attack speed boost. If Gnar lands on a unit, he bounces, hopping again in the same direction. If Gnar hops onto an enemy unit, he also damages and slows them.

  • E: Mega Gnar – Crunch
    Gnar launches himself in a target direction, damaging and slowing all enemies he lands directly on.
  • R: Mega Gnar – GNAR!
    Gnar throws a tantrum, tossing all enemies around him in a target direction. All enemies thrown are slowed and damaged, while enemies thrown into walls, including turrets and base structures, suffer extra damage and are stunned.

Our new Yordle seems to be some cross between Stitch and a Chupakabra. While we won’t see him for at least a couple weeks, summoners are sure to enjoy playing this furry little beast in just about any lane. May the carnage begin!


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