SDCC 2014: Interview with Old Spice’s Mandroid


Here at Nerd Reactor we have been fortunate enough to interview actors, artists, game developers and a plethora of other people. Up until this point, never have we had the chance to interview an android err Man droid to be precise. Old Spice and Comedy Central teamed up at San Diego Comic-Con to offer fans the chance to meet Old Spice’s new spokes-robot and play some laser tag as well. Old Spice was also handing out some of their fresh scented products because if you’ve ever played laser tag before you know that deodorant is probably a good idea


NR: So you’re following up after (Isaiah Mustafa). Are you nervous at all?

Old Spice Mandroid: I’m sorry, were there previous Old Spice characters who advertised Old Spice? I was not aware.

NR: Are you not aware of Terry Crews’ beautiful pectoral muscles?

OSM: I am not programmed to know anything but football, jet skis, watercraft, football, tacos, human lady girls and fun.

NR: When you say football do you mean English football or American football?

OSM: The one where you throw it, and score touchdowns, and goals.

NR: When you’re not jet ski-

OSM: Home run!

NR: When you’re not jet skiing, what do you like to do in your other spare time, do you read books?

OSM: Yes, I read many books on how to jet ski, football, human lady girlfriends, fun and of course tacos.

NR: Who’s your favourite football team?

OSM: If I had to name one, I would have to say the one who wins.

NR: You’re not holding anything back here, you’re always rooting for the winning team?

OSM: I always root for the winning team! That way I never lose!

NR: Seeing as we’re at Comic-Con if you could have one superpower what would it be?

OSM: The power of touchdowns, the ability to score any touchdown I want and also to smell like a man from my head to my toes which I already do.

NR: Other than yourself, who’s your favourite superhero?

OSM: Gravity.

NR: Gravity is your favourite super hero?

OSM: Think about it. You can’t see it and yet it controls everything. It is a super hero touchdown.

NR: Do you like to travel at all?

OSM: Yes, as you see I am travelling right now at high speed, on a jet ski. I’ve got to get to a date with a hot human babe.

NR: Any plans to ever go to Canada or anything like that?


NR: You’re more about the sun and the fun?

OSM: I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of a Canadian jet ski team.

NR: Well we do have lakes, they’re just frozen half the time. So you can use a snowmobile.

OSM: That sounds very cool, I just made plans to go to Canada to do snow jet skiing called snowmobiling.

NR: This has been very interesting. Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your Comic-Con!

OSM: Was that a question?

NR: That was a statement.

OSM: Let me answer your statement with a question. How are you?

NR: I’m good, a little hot but I’m good.

OSM: This interview is over.

There you have it Reactorites. You can catch the Old Spice mandroid in a new ad launching today!

Let us know in your comments if you think this new ad campaign will be an internet sensation of “I’m on a horse” caliber or do you think this ad campaign will fall flat on its face? It’s certainly not as much satire as Old Spice’s past endeavors, so it will be interesting to see how this effort will sit with bot advertising fans and consumers.

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