Nerd HQ: Conversations for a Cause: Supernatural

DSCN0258The stars of Supernatural came out in support of Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ’s Conversations for a Cause. This sold-out event raised $6,000 for the charity Operation Smile. Hosted by comedian Aisha Tyler, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki hopped on stage and just had fun with the conversation. There weren’t really many details about the next season, other than them talking a little about Dean becoming a demon. It was mainly just a fun conversation to learn more about the cast you have grown to love these past nine seasons.

Conversations ran from Misha’s childhood monster to Jensen’s Skittles fan art to the stars interacting with the audience, including a unicorn. The cast made lots of jokes with each other and high-fived audience members who partook in the jokes. Mark got up close and personal with some audience members asking questions and even gave them his room key. Nice.

Their conversations consisted of fun memories and interacting with the audience. The cast of Supernatural are just so fun to watch and care so much about their fans!

Check the panel out here:

For more information on NerdHQ and Conversations for a Cause for next year, visit Nerd Machine for more information.


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