SDCC 2014: See No Evil 2 cast interviews


If you’ve seen the first See No Evil, then you are going to be familiar with who is playing Jacob Goodnight in the sequel. If you guessed Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane from WWE, then you are correct. We were able to catch up with three of the main cast members of the show and they had some great things to say about it. Since this was a roundtable press event, we had to shotgun ask the questions to three of the cast members and we had the pleasure to speak with Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Danielle Harris, and Glenn “Kane” Jacobs.

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Candid shot of the 3. Glenn Jacobs looks concerned here.

Erik, Danielle, and Glenn are no strangers to horror films, so I asked them what drew them into the “Slasher Horror” genre in the first place. Danielle took us down memory lane, since she has had experience with this particular genre when she was on Halloween 4 (If you haven’t seen that movie, she’s the little girl named Jaime Lloyd in it). She’s also been in Rob Zombie’s remake of Halloween back in 2007, so she’s got the resume to back her up for this genre. She stated that she liked this style of horror since the fear becomes a bit realistic when she’s being chased by someone who’s as large as Glenn.

Glenn’s answer to my question was pretty short and sweet. He stated it’s because of his size and how menacing he can be is what drew him to the genre itself. If you’ve ever watched WWE, Kane himself is pretty much a walking horror show. When Glenn was first introduced as Kane several years ago, he had fire and brimstone exploding from the ring which was very intimidating. This coupled with Kane’s size is more than enough to warrant him the role of psychotic killer, Jacob Goodnight.

Kaj had done a horror movie, but it had been a while since then. He accepted the opportunity to be able to engage into this “escape from reality”. The slasher horror genre enticed him, since you have the challenge of trying to act on how it would be if you were covered in blood, or gore, and seeing people around you getting killed. He said it’s really fun and he enjoyed playing his character even after just picking up the script.


I was only able to get one question in, however the cast was very enthusiastic about the film, and they stated that it’s not just them running and getting killed from your everyday psychotic killer. Jacob Goodnight isn’t comparable to your Michael Myers or your Jason Voorhies. Unlike the killers I mentioned, Jacob Goodnight actually speaks, and you get a sense as to why he’s psychotic. They delve a little into his past and it shows the reason, or the method-to-his-madness. All in all, if you’re a fan of the slasher genre, the cast highly suggests that you check out the movie!

See No Evil 2 will be available on Video On Demand/Digital HD October 17, 2014. The Blu-ray / DVD versions will be available on October 21st.

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