SDCC 2014: Leprechaun: Origins Cast interviews

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If you remember back in the early 1990s, they released the movie Leprechaun to audiences and it didn’t really do well in the box office and received negative reviews, but it soon became a cult classic. Jennifer Aniston was actually part of the original film, but during the infancy of her acting career. The movie itself was absolutely hokey and the script was absolutely terrible. However, this has now changed with Leprechaun: Origins.

ZachWe spoke with director Zach Lipovsky about the film and asked him what would make this movie different from the original cult classic and his interest in the film. He stated that the storyline interested him and he wanted to completely re-imagine the leprechaun. He states that he tapped into the mindset of early mythology on the leprechaun and completely changed it to a more grotesque perversion of the original. The re-imagined version doesn’t have funny little clothes or a hat – and he certainly doesn’t collect gold. In fact, Lipovsky’s version eats gold and lives in a dark cave near a small Irish town that it has been terrorizing for a long time. This version of the leprechaun isn’t for the faint of heart, because this little guy will tear you in half.

Lipovsky was very enthusiastic about wanting audiences to watch this movie, because a lot of people still remember the original cheesey version that was released years ago. He wanted everyone to actually want that mindset of that original movie, then get the shit scared out of them, because this isn’t the same kind of movie. Lipovsky was very honest about how he felt about this movie, and he really thinks the audience today would enjoy it.

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The second person we spoke to was WWE Superstar, Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl. If you’re a fan of the WWE, then you definitely know who Hornswoggle is. He plays the ‘Leprechaun’ in the film and was very vocal about the set production; all positive, mind you. Postl, who is heavily involved with the WWE, has a very busy schedule. As a WWE Superstar, their schedules are pretty much 365 days a year with very little breaks. Postl stated that the only breaks he receives working with the WWE are special situations and if they’re injured, since the show must go on with or without them.

Postl felt himself lucky since he was able to film for about 5 weeks in Canada, and enjoyed scaring the crap out of the cast and crew. He commented he loved every minute of filming, but the only thing he hated was putting on the makeup and prosthetics for the character. It would take him 2.5 hours to put on and 2.5 hours to take off, and each time was grueling. However, despite the uncomfortable setback of the costuming, Postl said that he really did enjoy playing this re-imagined, evil leprechaun. He originally was not a fan of horror movies, but now had a change of heart because of this role. He tapped into that early fear of the unknown and channeled that into playing the leprechaun. He wants audiences to go out and check out this “reboot” of the original Leprechaun, and see that it’s not the same hokey character as it was before. This leprechaun is absolutely terrifying.

Leprechaun: Origins will be available on VOD/Digital HD August 26, 2014 and on Blu-Ray / DVD September 30th.

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