League of Legends: A New Dawn (Cinematic)

new dawn 1

In what can only be considered as pseudo-Pixar quality, Riot games has graced us with another cinematic just in time for the upcoming Summoner’s Rift visual update. Seeing as it’s the game’s most considerable visual update since the addition of the new Twisted Treeline, it shows some of our favorite champions charging through the Fields of Justice.

The cinematic team responsible for this masterpiece was led by Ryan “Riotsilverfox” Davies, known for his previous work, “A Twist of Fate”, along with some original champion designs.

We see an interesting focus on the champion Ahri in this video, possibly due to her popularity and origins in “Korean Folk-Lore” in addition to the location of this year’s world finals (Seoul – South Korea).

The characters animated in this flick are as follows by order of appearance:

  1. Leona
  2. Ahri
  3. Karatina
  4. Darius
  5. Draven
  6. Zyra
  7. Graves
  8. Rengar
  9. Jax
  10. Nautilus

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We see here how passionate Riot is about bringing out even the smallest detail in every character. Producer Thomas “Edict” Vu states –

” Every character has to feel different, if a character swings an axe in a certain way, no other character can swing an axe in that same way “.

The level of detail is astounding as we see minor design features such as the “fox fluff” in Ahri’s ears or the smoking cigar in Graves mouth. One thing which I truly believe would enhance these cinematics would be dialogue by the original voice actors, but maybe Riot is saving that for some major future project.

It goes to show just how much the animation has improved in comparison to Riot’s last, yet still amazing cinematic, “A Twist of Fate” (Just under 30 million views). Along with a different style that better focuses on the artistic nature of League of Legends, A New Dawn has set new standards that will be quite difficult to top for it’s animation specialists.

Also, who fed the Naut?


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