Warframe (MMO) new UI, new prologue

Emerging from hibernation due to the invading Grineer.
Among the handful of PC gaming FPS enthusiasts online, Warframe has been one of those games that lays somewhere between MMO and online FPS. To those new to Warframe, you play as one of the Tenno who wear bio-mechanical suits similar to Guyver and you are destined for greatness in a world of war and domination, seeking justice and peace.

In the new Prologue, it sets you on a jungle-bound world run by the Grineer. The Grineer faction is run by Twin Queens, who set their great clone army across the colonies to conquer them, with their commander, Vor, paving the way. Seeking to keep the masters of the Warframe technology, the Tenno, from awaking, Vor sets out to hunt the Tenno. Lotus, the artificial intelligence who is guarding the hibernation of the Tenno, awakens you before the Grineer can get to you. From here, you have the option of choosing the MAG, VOLT, or RHINO warframes as your starter (a bit like Pokemon) with Lotus as your Professor Oak. But your objective isn’t to capture all the Warframes! Escaping capture away from Vor and arming yourself along the way, you escape on a Grineer vessel and join the Tenno fleet in your new ship.

Compared to the previous 13 updates to Warframe, this update is very fresh. With a new interactive ship of your own, a sleek interface, a new AI assistant – ORDIS, plus a less mystical and more sci-fi map navigation system, it comes off like a new game. The cool thing is, even if you have a primary Warframe that differed from what you chose in the new Prologue, that original Warframe of yours will be the one present in the ship once the sequence is over. For the last handful of updates, the Nekros warframe was my mainstay, stealing souls and raising the dead to fight for me. The early few missions are designed to get you in touch with the ship, recovering items to install and open up your options. Whether it’s to open up the Market menu or your Arsenal, don’t be alarmed that your full menu options are not fully unlocked. But also be forewarned that sometimes you may end up with game bugs which render your system unresponsive, like I currently had to restart my game because the Navigation didn’t pop up.

Warframe is available on STEAM and you can visit their main page at https://warframe.com/.

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