SDCC: How to mentally prepare yourself for Comic Con


So you’re going to Comic Con! This is exciting! You were able to score tickets and a hotel! Nice! Good for you. If you didn’t, it’s ok. This guide will still help you if you’re doing the fun activities outside of Comic Con.

Being physically prepared is one thing – you’re fit (somewhat), healthy (somewhat) and get tons of sleep (meh…), but to be mentally prepared for everything SDCC has to offer is another thing. comiccon

1. Be honest with yourself. You will not be able to do everything. If you plan on doing Hall H for all three days, prepare to not have time to complete everything outside of Comic Con. You have to plan out your schedule if you want to do the Gotham Ziplining, Game of Thrones experience, NBC experience, Assassin’s Creed Obstacle Course, and many other cool stuff around the Con. You also need to add time for the LINES. Hall H is not the only place that will have lines. Everything will have lines… including the women’s restroom. Timing is everything.

comic con2. Schedule out everything you want to do, including a map of where you need to go. San Diego Convention Center is HUGE. This is why we have it here, because it’s so massive. If you scheduled yourself to go from the Omni Hotel to Ballroom 20 then to Room 6A, then you should really know what the vicinity you should be in.  Planning to attend a fan event after a panel, know where you need to go. Google Maps is your best friend if you have to go outside the convention for an event. Trust me, it will save a lot of time and heartache.

3. Prepare to have your personal space invaded. If you’re attempting to go inside the vendors room to look around, there will be a mess. Prepare to move slowly. I recommend to go to the vendors room when you don’t have a lot scheduled that day, because if you have ten minutes to kill and think, “Oh, I’ll go visit this booth.” Add another 20 minutes to that time – to walk back and forth out. It is crowded and people will stop in the middle of the crowd to take a photo or glance at something. Be prepared for the strollers too. Even if you are not going into the vendors room and would like to walk from Section A to H, this will also be a clusterf*ck. So please prepare to be up close and personal with some people. Make a new friend along the way, you’ll have time.

nerd-hq4. Take advantage of the free spaces. Nerd HQ, hotels, and some other places in and around the Convention Center will provide plugs for your phone chargers and places for you to sit and relax. Take advantage of those situations.

5. Be technologically prepared. With the amount of people on their cell phones and on Wi-Fi, your phone/laptop will eat up the battery. Be sure to bring an external battery charger to charge your phone throughout the day. Once you lose your schedule holder and map (your phone), it will be difficult to get around. I always recommend people to bring extra batteries and chargers, because technology is key… and this would allow SkyNet to take over.

6. Ignore the outside noises. What do I mean by this? I can guarantee there will be
loud arguments between the religious (and mostly peaceful) protesters with some attendees and there will be aggressive buyers/geeks who will be grabby hands on exclusives and giveaways. If you experience this, I recommend walking away. It will help you mentally in the long run.DHC_SDCC2014_GOT_LannisterShield.135403

If you are planning on waiting in line to buy an exclusive toy, and you notice someone cutting, please do not confront them. Alert the workers that someone cut the line (because trust me, people will try to cut the line) and the workers will handle it. They’ve dealt with many line cutters before. I’ve seen it firsthand. Do not try to confront them. If you want to get a freebie, I would definitely stand there and try to get it. If you do not, hopefully the vendors will see you and sympathize to save you one.

7. Planning on cosplaying? Prepare to be stopped often. This convention will have a lot of cosplayers showing off their costumes that they worked so hard for. They deserve to showcase it… and they do. Multiple times. Photo. Go. Stop. Photo. Go. Stop. Photo. G-.Photo. A lot of cosplayers know this already, but if you’re a first timer, get ready. Knowing is half the battle!

comiccon8. Take some time to walk around and take it all in. What do you mean enjoy the convention?! It’s a mad house. Little do people know, the studios paid a lot of money to decorate all over Gaslamp District. These cool art pieces and ads sometimes do not get the respect they deserve. Gotham cars moving around, Sin City cars at Petco Park, and many other cool things all around Gaslamp. This may help calm you down.



One can never truly be prepared for the craziness that is San Diego Comic Con, but at least you can try to lessen the headache for yourself. It’s a huge event and some people think they can wing it, but in reality – Don’t Wing It. Check out what’s important to you and prepare for it. Chances are, it’s important to some 1,000 other people too.

Good luck, but please, try to enjoy it.

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