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In the midst of our morning routine, many of us have spent hours trying to find the perfect fashion accessory. We crave that little piece of individuality that is professional, but is unique enough to set us apart from others. While many coworkers may opt for some cuff-links, a new purse, or even a funky tie, why not a new and different fashion piece that is both functional and stylish?

Enter the LD West Holster.

I got my hands on one of these holsters to find out if they are functional, stylish and useful as advertised.


The assembly of the holster can seem pretty daunting at first, especially when first un-boxing the product. Thankfully, LD West provides you with a handy tip sheet and a link to their YouTube video. After laying the holster out, assembling it was quite simple.  HolsterSnapsAlthough the holster does not feel fragile, it is important to gently snap and unsnap the leather wallet and cell phone pouch as to not create any unnecessary wear and tear.

When putting the holster on, it was handy to have a spotter or a mirror to make sure that the straps don’t become tangled or twisted. Once the holster is on though, adjusting it is as easy as adjusting a pair of suspenders.

Atom rating: 4/5 atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B(1)


While the holster has 3 different pouch sizes available (small, medium, and large – depending on the size of your cell phone), the wallet comes in one size and has several pouches for your ID and credit cards. I used the holster and the medium-sized cell phone pouch for my Moto G. Although, I would probably recommend a size small for phones of that size. I also tried the pouch with a Samsung Galaxy Note III and the medium was more than adequate for a phone of that size.LaNoireLDWest

The slim construction isn’t cumbersome and the wallet does have a lot of space, although there is no ideal spot for coins. It is also rather difficult to put in a standard bill without folding it beforehand.

One major caveat of the product is the inability to switch the pouches from one side to the other, meaning that the wallet must be worn on the right side and the phone on the left. Although I did find this dilemma only slightly annoying, it may be an inconvenience for others.

The holsters are available in three different color schemes, including black, brown and tan (perfect for a Nathan Drake cosplay minus the guns). The all-leather construction adds the perfect amount of class to the product. The product is as advertised and definitely made me feel like I was in L.A Noire or True Detective (without all the pesky crime resolving responsibilities).

Not only is it a stylish alternative to bulging suit or pant pockets, but it also serves as a conversation starter. I couldn’t walk by another person’s desk without being asked for a closer look. Prepare for looks and comments being thrown your way! If you’re on the shyer side of things, you might want to keep your jacket on.

Atom rating: 3/5 atoms

NR 3 Atoms - C

Comfort and Utility

After following the instructions and adjusting the straps, I notice that the holster felt snug. Not in a constricting way, but in a more pleasant and comfortable manner. Even with the wallet filled with cards and the phone in holster, it never felt cumbersome or uncomfortable during long periods of sitting, daily activities and even strenuous activities.


The magnet snaps for the pouch openings felt sturdy and my belongings never once tumbled out of the pouches, so dancing at a wedding or running for the bus shouldn’t be a problem.

Although the holster provides a better alternative to your back pants pocket, it does take some time getting used to not putting your phone back there.

The only knock against its utility is the frequency in which you may be able to wear it. Unless your social calendar is filled with formal events or you want to wear it at the office, the holster may end up in your drawer for an extended period of time. Retailing at a price of $119.99 CAD, that may be a deterrent for some.

Atom rating: 4/5 atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B(1)


While the LD West wallet and phone holster may have a couple of kinks, the product delivers on what it promises. It’s a stylish and functional alternative to wrestling your phone and wallet out of your pocket. Despite the need for a couple of tweaks and adjustments, this is truly an exciting product. If you don’t mind the added attention the LD West holster carries with it, it truly is a unique and one-of-a-kind fashion statement.



  • Incredibly unique and stylish
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Functional and fun


  • Price may be steep for some
  • Limited opportunities for product use
  • Phone and wallet pouch not interchangeable

Overall Score

4/5 atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B(1)

If the pricing is one of your stumbling blocks, the folks at LD West have provided us with a unique summer promo code! Simply enter ‘ANLDWESTSUMMER‘ to save CAD 19.99 off the regular price!

Photos and editing by MTKS adventures


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