Top 6 best YouTube music of Legend of Zelda!

Lindsey Stirling Zelda Link Outfit

I’m a fan of movie and video game scores, and if your reading Nerd Reactor, chances are, you are too.  Perhaps the most iconic music in video game history comes from the Legend of Zelda series. For many of us, the “Overworld Theme” from the first game will remain forever a part of our childhoods. One of the great things about YouTube is the fact that fans of these great and iconic pieces of music can now create their own arrangements for other people to enjoy. Below are six great arrangements of music that perfectly evoke the wonder and adventure of the Zelda game series.

“Zelda Medley” Performed by Lindsey Stirling

So I know we’ve covered this one before, but it’s just too good to not give a second look. Stirling has become a geek favorite delivering some of the best online music videos ever created featuring some of our favorite video game scores. But perhaps one of the most popular of Stirling’s videos is her turn as ‘Blue Link” playing a Legend of Zelda Medley. Stirling was also featured in Rocket Jump’s Link fan film “Pot Smasher”.


“Ballad of the Goddess” performed by Camille and Kennerly (The Harp Twins)

The Harp Twins are known for their beautiful pop culture arrangements for harp duets on the internet. They have performed some video game standards (Final Fantasy) as well as arrangements of rock and pop music (Coldplay and ACDC). However, their rendition of “Ballad of the Goddess” from “Skyward Sword” is as beautiful and ethereal as Skyloft itself.


“Zelda: A Link to the Past – Dark World Theme” Performed by Smooth McGroove

Smooth McGroove (Max Gleason) is a name that is synonymous with video game music. Since his channel debut in 2012. His version of the “Dark World Theme” from “A Link to the Past” is a faithful blend of the bubbly and foreboding we’ve come to expect from the Zelda series.


“Ballad of the Goddess” performed by Audire Soundtrack Choir

According to their page on the Berklee College of Music website, the Audire Soundtrack Choir sites To deepen our own appreciation for soundtrack music and to grow as artists through an intimate acquaintance with music by recognized masters in the field.” as one of the goals of their program. With the gorgeous choir of voices, this performance of the “Ballad of the Goddess” would be at home alongside the LotR compositions of Howard Shore.


“Legend of Zelda Medley” performed by Lena Sinclair

Perhaps one of the most memorable games in the Zelda series is “Ocarina of Time”. A game, that for many of us was is one of the best of the series, as well as, introducing us to the ocarina as an instrument. Lena Sinclair uses the aforementioned ocarina to give us a medley that is gorgeous and made all the more special by the instrument on which it is played.


“Legend of Zelda Suite” performed by Laura Intravia

For the 2011 Video Games Live event, composer and musician Laura Intravia was invited to perform an arrangement of her own featuring music from “The Legend of Zelda”. What makes this performance extra special is the fact the she is performing as “Flute Link”, complete with “fairy companion”, which interrupts her performance to give flute lessons. The cosplay is fantastic, the comedy is great, but the music is truly spectacular.


What is some of your video game music? Was their a video that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments.


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