‘Adult Wednesday Addams’ leaves the nest in this web series

Adult Wednesday Addams

If your a fan of the hilarious and macabre, then you must check out the web series “Adult Wednesday Addams”, created by and starring Melissa Hunter. The series follows the misadventures of Wednesday, as she she navigates life outside the “Addams Family” home, dealing with apartment hunting, getting a job and dating. Perhaps what’s most impressive about this series is how well is connects thematically to the two Barry Sonnenfeld films featuring a young Christina Ricci in the role of Wednesday. It’s apparent that Miller has a genuine affection for the character as she tells these fish out of water…or bat out of belfry tales. The first season is complete, but Miller has announced that she is currently working on a second season*. This series is creepy, it’s kooky and… a lot of fun, give it a watch.

*I couldn’t be more excited about this!



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