Videogame BANG! Episode 40: Birthday Sex…EDUCATION

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Videogame BANG! is turning 1 year old this week and in podcast years that means we are hitting puberty so what better way to celebrate than a little bit of Birthday Sex..EDUCATION!! Aaron and Cory are surrounding themselves with some of the most beautiful woman in the world of geek culture and video games this week starting with bringing an old favorite back on the BANG! couch and that is Laura Rodriguez!! Laura updates us on how life after BANG! has been and most importantly she gives us a riveting round of WHATTCHA PLAYIN’?!

After break number one we come back with Genese Davis who is as usual loaded to the brim with new projects, articles, appearances, and prospects of a future in Hollywood for her AMAZING novel The Holder’s Dominion. We talk a lot about her experience at E3, and a super sneak peak into all of the super awesome panels that she will be participating in at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. It all ends in a special presentation into the Videogame BANG! Hall of Fame Ceremony.

We take for the first time ever in VGB history a second break to prepare for another sexy interview with Genevieve “The Geek Girl” LeBlanc. We reminisce about our humble beginnings together and her pivotal role in the VGB and Nerd Reactor merger! We also rehash an old time debate about Cory and his unhealthy distaste for Liz Katz. Gen makes us all blush with her blatant, extremely educated take on sexual topics going on in the cosplay and comic con community!

As per usual we want to thank the listeners for an amazing year! Through this show you have made our dreams come true. We are honored by your listenership, we hope you enjoy the show!

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(Gen’s photo credit: Ariel Valdes)

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