Silver Spoon (anime review)


Silver Spoon is a slice-of-life anime about Yugo Hachiken. You will follow Yugo through his trials and tribulations of going to an agricultural high school (Oezo Agricultural High School a.k.a. Ezono), who has no background at all in this field. His reasoning is that he wants to get out of the house and into a dorm.

In the first season, Silver Spoon is about Hachiken’s first half of his freshman year. We get a glimpse of what may be an underlying reason for Hachiken wanting to move out of the house. It seems like he had no life other than studying and excelling at his classes, and it may have taken its toll on him.

Ever since moving out to the boonies and enrolling into the agricultural school, he has learned that not everything is based on studying and getting the best grades. As time progresses he learns to relax and eventually learn more about the people around him and their hardships as well.

Hachiken also finds out where some of the food we eat daily come from. Having never seen where an egg comes from, Hachiken was disturbed and sicken at what he saw come out of a chicken’s butt. Though he was able to overcome it after a few days.

Silver Spoon

The biggest obstacle he’s facing now is a tiny piglet he named Pork Bowl. Since many of the students that go to Ezono are from families that have farms, they know not to name livestock. It only makes it harder for him to put them down when they are sold for their meat. The time has come to sell the pigs, and Hachiken has to make a decision. Will he be able to make that decision?

If you are into slice-of-life anime like Lucky Star, Azumanga, and K-On or just comedy in general, I would recommend this. Also, the anime is pretty faithful to original manga source.

Grade: 5/5 Atoms

NR 5 Atoms - A

You can buy the first season on DVD here.

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