One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review (PS3)


There hasn’t been too many One Piece games released in North America. The more recent released titles are the One Piece Warrior games from Bandai Namco Games, but now we get to see a new titles for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS which is set around the current arc of the series. While One Piece: Unlimited World Red Review is a game written by creator Eiichiro Oda, it features a brand new story and character and sets itself around previous locations of the series including boss characters fans will remember. 

One Piece: Unlimited World Red is split into two different game modes which can be played in any order at any time: Main Story and Battle Colosseum. The story introduces a new antagonist named Patrick Redfield, known as the Pirate Red, who escaped imprisonment from Impel Down’s level 6 when Luffy broke into the jail to save his brother soon after the Straw Hat Pirates arrive at the island of Transtown after finding a young raccoon named Pato. The problem is after arriving, Nami, Zoro, Usopp, Chopper, Brook, Franky, Sanji and Nico Robin are missing and Luffy has to find them.


The main adventure requires you to find your crew and find out why places and enemies from the past are appearing near Transtown. The main story features eight locations to explore and travel and after completing the first quest, Luffy can be joined by two other members of the crew, who each have their own unique battle style and skills which will help you on your adventures. Adventure mode itself is not very long, but also has quite bit to do which can be achieved through the next mode.


The Battle Colosseum is another story where the Straw Hat Crew and Trafalgar Law are invited to a tournament by Donquixote Doflamingo. Battle Colosseum consists of different types of battles which include Battle Royal, Boss Rush, Duel, and Scramble mode. By winning you’ll be rewarded points to reach the next rank, and you will face opponents from the One Piece Universe that weren’t in the main story mode. While the main story mode has nine different characters to play with, the Battle Colosseum features 20 playable characters you can unlock.

This mode is pretty fun because it gives you the chance to team up with some of your favorite characters together or even complete opposites, since most modes require two party members for battle, all to earn the right to face Donquixote Doflamingo.


Together the story mode and battle colosseum work well and give fans something different. The Playstation versions of the game allow a second player to jump in and join in the action, while the Nintendo 3DS version allows up to 4 players to play together.

A huge focus on the game is what is called “Strong Words” in both modes. These ability give specific boosts during either mode and in story mode have to be found and powered up and you can select with one to use in battle. More “Strong Words” can be equipped to the different characters the more you level them up, which is only available in the story mode.


The game is a hack-and-slash adventure with each character having their own unique style which you can learn to abuse. Defeating enough enemies, taking enough damage or even using certain “strong words” awards you SP points. This allows you to activate a signature technique for each character. When at level 3, it activates an all out attack with your party.

An interesting thing I realized is that only the character you are playing takes damage, so if you find yourself with low life, switch to another character and they will be fine. Once a character falls you are one character short.


While I spent all of my time on the PlayStation 3 version of One Piece: Unlimited World Red, the game is also available on the PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. So no matter which version of the game you get, you will be able to enjoy the same adventure and challenge in the Battle Colosseum. The PlayStation 3 version of the game have a cross-save function with the PlayStation Vita, so you can continue the game on the road. The same can be done with the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS version with Data Link.


One Piece: Unlimited World Red is filled with things to do after the game is complete which includes tons of mini-games like bug hunting, fishing and balloon catching. Early in the game you are tasked with fixing up the town of Transtown. So if you want some extra things to do you can make the town a little nicer or leave it as is. There is even a harder difficulty option to play.

The game graphics really stay true to the animation, especially with all the characters and their expressions. For fans of the series new costumes will be available. The game’s soundtrack wasn’t anything too amazing, but I did enjoy some of the nostalgia music from the series. The Japanese voices with English subtitles….to quote Franky…is SUPPPPERRRR!!! This title is a great pick up for One Piece fans, especially if you are cut up with the anime or manga.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

4 Atoms

One Piece: Unlimited World Red
Developer: Ganbarion
Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
System: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Wii U (Digital download only), Nintendo 3DS
Available Now

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