Captain America is going to be black


Marvel has been busy this week. First they revealed that Thor is going to be a female, and now they have revealed another big thing for one of the top Avengers. On Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, Marvel’s Joe Quesada came by to give Stephen Colbert a Captain America shield. After that, he announced that Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon, will be donning the red, white and blue suit to become Captain America.

“I don’t have to tell you that the world is falling apart under Barack Obama’s leadership,” Colbert said. “We’re losing one of our greatest leaders, Captain America. He won our hearts back in 1941 by punching Hitler in the face!”

“Unfortunately, Cap’s days of protecting America are numbered,” Colbert said. He filled his audience in on what’s happening to Steve Rogers, saying that he lost the Super Soldier serum and age “65 years. Meaning his new super serum will be Ensure,” he joked. “With Steve Rogers brought low there’s a huge void in the Captaining of America. Who among us is prepared to step in?”

The audience chanted Colbert’s name.

“You’d have to be extremely patriotic, look decades younger than your actual age, and you’d have to own Captain America’s actual shield,” he said.

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Quesada then enters and announces, “Well you know, Steve Rogers saved the world again, but not without personal sacrifice. Sam Wilson, his partner, the Falcon, is becoming the new Captain America.”

Quesada then says that Colbert can take the role of Falcon and brought an artwork of the host as the superhero.


So what do you guys think of Sam Wilson becoming Captain America? So far we have a female Thor and a black Captain America. I wonder if Marvel is going to make another announcement involving Iron Man. Perhaps he’ll be played by a gay character?

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