Ted 2 cosplay casting in Boston July 26th?

Ted 2 Open Casting Call

At the end of July most of the nerd-centric interests fall on San Diego Comic-Con. I will be there along with many members of Nerd Reactor. However there are many “Not at SDCC” events that occur in many places around the country (and some international). One of the most interesting of these is the casting for extras happening in Boston on July 26th for Ted 2.

What is the interesting part and the most “Not at SDCC” part for me is “Additionally, the agency is looking for comic book movie fans with awesome costumes who are willing to dress up for an audition.”

According to Boston.com those in superhero costumes are not going to be extras in Ted 2 but something else, but this is not said on the flyer for the event.

Given that we know Seth MacFarlane is a very big fan of pop culture, I am very curious what he would want to do with a lot of people in superhero costumes. But even if the call for superheroes casting call is not Seth-related, I am curious to see what will come out of the Boston area for this, especially with conventions like Boston Comic Con coming up.

Sources: BostonCasting.com, Boston.com

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