A new type of cosplay music video

AX CMV - Krys

We posted our Anime Expo CMV just recently. Have you seen it yet? You should have! But when it comes to such a huge convention like that, you find talent almost everywhere. One of those very talented people happens to be a guy named Krys Villaster. He’s made previous videos before, but the way he edits them and puts his footage together is quite incredible. It makes the video intriguing, and leaves you wanting to watch more. I’ve seen some lovely cosplay music videos before, but none of them like this!

Anyways, enough which my chitter chatter. Check out his Anime Expo video own below!

Cool, right? If you haven’t seen our Anime Expo footage yet, make sure you do by clicking here! (PS – Hula Cam is my favorite type of CMV! What about you?)

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