Salem: ‘All Fall Down’ season finale review


Mary + John = 4Ever?

This season brought a lot of heartache for John Alden and Mary Sibley, but it seemed like they finally have a chance to be together. Mary finally reveals to John she’s a witch… and he embraces her. They have a chance to run away from Salem and make a new life for each other. Mary tells John she has some unfinished business to attend to, but she will return for him. He tells her he will leave when the moon is out… with or without her. What a romantic… especially since, you know, she bailed him out of jail.


Mercy is Crazy

Mercy’s getting stronger – she proved it by teasing Mary with her power in the forest. She is determined to become the Queen of the Night (basically, Mary’s job) and begins to gather followers to her little cult. She is definitely going to be a key part next season and will probably be the villain, allowing Mary to redeem herself as a “witch”. Either way, that bitch is crazy.

salemDaddy Issues

With John disappearing from his cell, Cotton assumes his dad already killed John. Instead, Increase admits to Cotton that he doesn’t believe John to be a witch, but in love with a witch – Mary Sibley. Also, he had placed a scent (Increase’s blood) on John for the dogs to catch him and Mary together. Cotton calls him crazy, blah blah blah.

You’re the Baby Mama

In order to run off with John, Mary had to tell off the elder witches, which she does. Withsalem that, they use their greatest weapon against Mary – her son. The son she sacrificed from her womb to the devil when she first became a witch. He’s alive and well. She must complete the Grand Rite in order to see him. So, she leaves to get it done… by going to kill Increase Mather. Honestly, I would had just killed her husband George. If she’s planning on running off with John Alden, her status shouldn’t matter anymore. But, okay, sure… Kill Increase. She goes to Increase’s place and reveals herself to be a witch. They battle it out. It’s a pretty fun confrontation to watch. In the end, Cotton storms in and Mary magically binds herself to a chair, making it look like Increase was torturing her. He kills his father to “save” Mary… and the Grand Rite is complete. Good one, Mary. What a twist!

The Apple

Mary gave Isaac a job. Poor innocent Isaac. All he had to do is drop the apple in a certain tree in the forest. Instead, he buries the Apple, that brings death, with the dead… but it’s too late. It opens in his hands and squirts something that causes boils on his face. Come on, Isaac. You had ONE job. He’s such a good person. I hope he survives.

Little Orphan Annie

salemMagistrate Hale and his family go into their secret room to hide from the Grand Rite. The Grand Rite will bring about many deaths in Salem, so they are hidden. Anne slowly learns about her past being a witch and doesn’t want to be with them. She’d rather die with her people. Then she gets all Carrie like and offs both of her parents with her powers. Why didn’t the elder witches choose Anne to be their head witch?!?! She is obviously more powerful than Mary and it runs in her family. So now, Anne is alone after killing her parents. They don’t show the aftermath, but you know she’s going to try to cleanse herself… unless the evil took over her for good. We will find out more next season! But, I was really sad they offed Magistrate Hale. I really like Xander Berkeley’s character.


John was left in the forest being chased by Increase’s men. He thinks Mary betrayed him, because they found him in the forest because he was waiting for her, but is saved by the Native Americans. There must be something about John. We last see him being carried by them – alive, but what’s going to happen to him!?

Cotton leaves for Boston guilt-ridden for killing his father. Mary convinces him to leave Salem for good. Maybe it’s a good time for you to find Gloriana, Cotton.

Increase is left in the forest as dogs begin to feast on him, but something tells me this isn’t the last we see of Stephen Lang’s character. Lang is too good of an actor to let die. Increase was my favorite character, so we have to see him again… maybe as part of the undead.

Mary is reunited with her son – a healthy seven year old. She embraces him, but something tells me this kid is another Damian (The Omen). He’s been raised by the devil since birth. You just KNOW he’s an evil kid.

So there you have it. The season finale of the first season of Salem. I really enjoyed this episode because it was non-stop action – also, so many unexpected deaths. Increase Mather’s death was the most shocking – by his own son! The Hales killed by their own daughter. Mary and John’s son is ALIVE! It was all just so much to take in in ONE episode, but it was still good. This was probably one of the best season finales I’ve seen because it had a fight scene, unexpected deaths, shocking revelations and several cliffhangers that will leave you wanting to know, “WHAT THE F IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?”

Well done, Salem. You have my attention.

Rating: 5/5 Atoms
NR 5 Atoms - A

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