Constantine’s Zed has been cast


During a panel at Sunday’s Television Critics Association tour, David S. Goyer announced that Angelica Celaya has been cast as the female lead on NBC’s Constantine. As you can recall, it was just days ago that the news of the female lead would be changed.

Executive producer Daniel Cerone had this to say, She’s someone who can go toe to toe with John [Constantine]. We wanted a more dynamic relationship.”

It seems the the NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke was adamant on bringing in an “authentic Latina actress” for the role of Zed. Zed is seen as a sidekick of sorts in the comic books and will be one of many DC characters to appear in Constantine.

The producers also explained their decision to search for a new female lead. They “felt a bit hamstrung” by casting a female lead not in the comics, and that’s when they discussed the notion of bringing in characters from the comic book onto the TV show. They also said that there will be a scene in the pilot that will be reshot.

David Goyer also had this to say in regards to reshooting the pilot, “One of the hallmarks of John is his friends drop like flies. They almost all die around him. It’s the price of doing business. He is this classic noir character who often ends up alone and we thought it was consistent with the character.”

Are you excited about this casting decision? I’ve seen her in a few episodes of Burn Notice but not enough to be wowed by her, but I’ll have to see what she can bring for this show.

Source: THR

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