College is expensive, so Logitech wants to help you out

logitech_academyCollege is not cheap; we all know that, since the cost of classes and books can eat up most of your funds. You need to be smart with your money and make every dollar count. Logitech wants to help not just college students but also teachers and faculty by offering 20% off its products.

Logitech has all the tech accessories you need. Do you need to replace an aging and failing mouse? You should check out the Logitech’s 2014 Color Collection starting at $29.99. Are you still just using your built-in speakers to listen to your music or latest presentation? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to Logitech’ Multimedia Speakers, the Z213 for $29.99. If hauling around speakers and wires and other equipment isn’t your thing, maybe you need a portable music solution, something to go with your smart phone that keeps your music playing long into the night. Then maybe you could check out the UE Boom, a portable speaker that offers 360 degree sound, starting at $199.99. It’s not cheap but it does offer a long battery life and is water and shock resistant so no need to baby this device. We all have multiple media devices, from multiple consoles, PCs, and streaming devices. Don’t you hate having to switch between so many controllers and having to type out words with limited keypads? Well maybe you need to check out the Harmony Smart Keyboard for $149.99. This keyboard can controls up to 8 devices and features an integrated touchpad for navigation on PC, Mac, and PS3. It can be used to navigate PC, Mac, Apple TV, Roku, TiVo, Xbox, and PS3,

Logitech probably has what you need and is going to offer you a nice discount, so why not make those dollars last? To get this 20% off you can go to Logitech’s site here, and join the Logitech Academy.

Source: Logitech

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