Constantine TV show drops female lead


It seems that the folks at the Constantine TV show has decided to move to a different direction for their female lead. Lucy Griffiths may have not met their requirements for the female lead.

Griffiths’ character, Liv, was going to be the counter part of Constantine and was marked for death by a strong demon. She was to becomes a strong ally in fighting against the demon, since she’s able to see the world of the dead.

They will be going with more of the comic book route of the female lead. In the comic books Constantine is sometimes accompanied by Zed, whom he has saved from being sacrificed to the Angels. She is set to appear early in series as well as some of the DC occult and Hellblazer series.

No on has been cast for the role of Zed, but I guess we’ll be hearing more as the series premiere gets closer.

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Constantine is set to premiere October 24, 2014.

Source: THR

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