Batgirl gets a new look, and she’s looking stylish

batgirl new look

You may have noticed a bunch of commotion over the new look of Batgirl today. Thanks to artist Babs Tarr, we get to see a new look for the female caped crusader. Babs be joining writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher, thus giving Batgirl a new creative team for the issue of Batgirl #35 in October.

Writers Stewart and Fletcher aren’t new to the DC Universe, since they have worked on Batman Inc. and Wednesday Comics, respectively. Issue #35 will start when everything Batgirl owns is burnt due to a fire. Now she’ll have to start from scratch and rethink her life, including a more updated and practical batsuit. (Yes, she’s sporting a leather jacket, and NOT spandex!)

Check out the new artwork from artist Babs via MTV News.

batgirl new look 3 batgirl new look 2

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