Anime Expo 2014 – Titmouse panel


One panel I was really excited to see at Anime Expo was the Titmouse panel. The team that has worked on so many of my favorite cartoons were on hand to talk about upcoming projects, talk with the fans and even showcase some cool stuff.


We were shown a video that showcased a lot of Titmouse’s projects with music from Deathklock, and it was so awesome that everyone in the room cheered and said they wanted to watch it again, which they did.

Right after the team talked about the different projects they worked on, which included Legend of Korra, there were some complications, so they aren’t a part of the current season. When the chance to work on the upcoming The Legend of Korra video game with PlatinumGames came up, they jumped at the chance. They showed off the intro video that will be used with the game and the process behind it.

There were some questions about the next seasons of Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros., which they answered the best they could, but they did say they are currently working on the next season of China, IL.

A trailer was shown for a new animated comedy series called Moon Beam City. It had an old school Miami Vice feel to it with more random Archer-like action. It was also announced that there will be a Moon Beam City event at San Diego Comic-Con.

There are quite a few other things Titmouse is working on such as something for Betty White, a project called Sqeee, and possibly a live action movie with Paul Rudd.

A fan asked about Black Dynamite and its next season. It was said that it was given to another studio, and the series is currently on definite hiatus. It was one of the hardest series they worked on.


There was a special cosplay contest held after the Q & A, and the top winners received special artwork from Titmouse featuring concept work from the Venture Bros. A few lucky people got to take some cool things home to end the night.

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