Not an April Fool’s Joke: Homestar Runner is coming back!

danger1Hold on to your “Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes” and prepare for things to get “Dangeresque” because Strong Bad and all his pals are coming back! Earlier this year, fans of the long running web series were treated to a brand new video from the Homestar Runner website on April 1st. It had been almost four years since the website had taken a hiatus and ceased all activity. During a recent interview with The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show, creator Matt Chapman revealed that the website will return to fully active once more.

When we did that April Fools update this year, way more people looked at it than we ever even imagined would have at this point. Our goal — we did that thing as sort of a test to get back into doing it. We’d love to start making things again.

During the interview, Matt revealed some of the shows he’s worked on since the site’s hiatus. Since moving out to Los Angeles, Matt worked on familiar shows like Yo Gabba Gabba, Gravity Falls and The Aquabats! Super Show! 

The creative team behind the website is already working on new Strong Bad Emails and new ideas for site. Matt revealed that team throwing around the idea of giving Strong Bad his own twitter account and Strong Sad his own tumblr. Matt also talked about giving the site a complete overhaul since its layout seems a little dated compared to other sites. They would also upload every previous cartoon on Youtube in an HD format.

As far as when we can expect new content from the website:

If we could, I would just start making them next week. I would say over the summer in the fall. Don’t completely let fall off your radar. You might find something new somewhere on the horizon. I wish I could be more specific.

As a long time fan, I can’t wait to see what the Chapman Brothers and their team have in store.

You can listen to the full episode here:

The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show –  Episode 123: Homestar Runner’s Matt Chapman

Source: Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin

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