Doctor Who meets the Power Rangers: Meet the Japanese Doctor

japanese doctor who

YouTuber Lepoissonriuge has posted footage from “an old video tape from either the ’70s or ’80s of a Japanese version of Doctor Who”… and it’s hilarious.

It is just so hilarious – the Doctor transforms and battles the ninja Cybermen and defeat the humanoid Dalek with his “Sonic Screwdriver Sword”. Yes, his sword that he plays like the Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger flute . The Doctor has some good martial arts moves too. It was just awesome seeing parodies mixed together – Doctor Who and Power Rangers. Awesome.

But the truth is… the film is actually very modern and done by filmmaker Joshua Kahan. He posted the video during Doctor Who/Penny Dreadful’s Billie Piper’s #AskBillie Twitter forum yesterday and I knew – this was gold. Good job, Joshua!

Check out the video below.

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