AX 2014: Riot booth and League of Legends cosplay (Skin code giveaway)

DSC_7003While many would find it odd that a company which developed the world’s most popular video game would sponsor an anime convention, it wasn’t much of a shocker to me. Knowing plenty of Rioters myself, I can safely say that a large population are indeed fans of anime. Judging strictly from the artwork coming from Riot, you’ll find anime influences in a plethora of champions. Another reason for all this support is the major cosplay community which inhabits both League of Legends and Japanese animation.


Riot has been known for its support with community¬†conventions, such as its massive presence at PAX year after year. While they may have not had a booth at E3 this year, it’s awesome to see how much a company can support its community. Lessons well learned from Blizzard. The booth included everything except stations at which to play the actual game. A large marker wall let fans doodle to their heart’s content, while a gleaming Leona Sword rotated as the centerpiece. Amazing fan art adorned the back of the booth for a great photo-area.


Another aspect Riot is well known for at conventionsis their skin code giveaways. This year, attendees were given two skins and a lanyard just for stopping by and answering some simple questions about the game. Some on-stage events were also held where winners would receive an exclusive Bronze Teemo statue. The two codes handed out were for Dragonslayer Pantheon and a Riot Ward.


Speaking of which, we’ll be giving away two of each code on the 10th, so put your summoner name in the comments below for a chance to win either one of these awesome skins!

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