AX 2014 – NIS America Anime panel


Day 3 of Anime Expo was quite chaotic with the line situations. With a bit of a late start, the NIS America anime panel began as Marketing Manager Armin Collosi, and Marketing Coordinator David Alonzo talked about NIS America’s big push in social media with contests and discounts for active members on Facebook and Twitter.

The team talked about the upcoming lineup of anime titles which included Hana-Saku Iroha the Movie ~Home Sweet Home~ which will release on October 14th, Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! season 2 coming November 4th, followed by the highly anticipated Love Live! season 1 which will be available September 2nd.

A trailer played for the upcoming Card Captor Sakura complete series on Blu-ray and the attendees cheered loudly in excitement to own such a classic series from the ’90s that they loved. The Card Captor Sakura complete series will be available August 5th, and can be pre-ordered now on the NIS America website which is available in standard editions or the premium edition set along with the rest of the NIS America anime offerings. 


Last but not least, NIS America had a special surprise for everyone in attendance with the English dub cast for Toradora! on stage. Since Toradora! is the first anime NIS America has released with English voice acting, they wanted to make it a bit special with a live script reading. With Erik Kimerer as Ryuji Takasu, Cassandra Lee Morris as Taiga Aisaka, Christine Marie Cabanos as Minori Kushieda, and Erika Harlacher as Ami Kawashima on stage (Johnny Yong Bosch who voices Yusaku Kitamura was not in attendance), they pulled a fan on stage to read with them which you can see the videos below.

Live reading with Erik Kimerer, Cassandra Lee Morris, Christine Marie Cabanos, Erika Harlacher and a a lucky fan:

Live reading part 2 with Erik Kimerer and Cassandra Lee Morris:

Erik Kimerer and Cassandra Lee Morris switch roles for this part of the reading:

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