JK Rowling releases a new story, fans go crazy

Today is a fantastic day for Harry Potter fans, AKA yours truly. Not only is it the 15th anniversary of the Prisoner of Azkaban, but to top things off, JK Rowling has just released on Pottermore a new story for us to read.

HP Prisoner of Azkaban

The story is told from the oh so lovely Rita Skeeter’s point of view. Harry is getting ready for a quidditch match, but not for Hogwarts. That’s right, it’s told in the future and Potter is about 30 years old. We’re finally getting a glimpse at what his life is like now.

It’s true, the story never ends. It will go on. Always. You can find the story here!

I have yet to read it, so let’s both jump into this new story together. Other than that, how are you guys celebrating the 15th anniversary? I’m watching the film, listening to the soundtrack, and reading the book! I might even get myself a Butterbeer Frappuccino later!

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