Salem: ‘Ashes, Ashes’ review


This episode of Salem, “Ashes, Ashes,” mainly showcases John Alden’s trial with a little bit of the others – Mercy, Mary, Anne and Cotton vs. Increase. But the main point was the Alden case. The entire episode was really good, and it really kept you on your toes on what is going to happen. As for the ending, what a shocker.

Mercy’s Little Witches

salem 3Four of Mercy’s witches were told by Mercy to say John Alden was guilty. They spoke in trial that John Alden basically defiled them, but soon Cotton was able to disprove it. The girls did what they were told to do, thinking they’d be safe afterward. Nope. They were put to death for following Mercy. This was actually really sad. The girls were screaming desperately and that entire scene was beautifully shot. This pisses Mercy off, because she thought Mary would protect them. Now it looks like Mercy is going to challenge Mary as the lead witch. Oh, it’s on! I don’t think Mercy will be able to take on Mary, but we’ll see.

Anne’s Obsession

Anne desperately does not want to be a salem4witch. She has Cotton examine her body to make sure she has no markings of the devil. As he is checking her, her eyes change into snake eyes and she flickers a snake-like tongue. This is just all kinds of messed up. Points for the SFX guy.

I have a feeling she’s going to become bad unwillingly, with the evil going to take her. Another challenge for Mary? Maybe John Alden is like Sookie Stackhouse (from True Blood) and attracts all the supernatural kinds of people.

The Malum Issue

Cotton is determined to stop the Grand Rite and needs the Malum, which translate to evil and apple, in order to stop it. He tells Increase about the Malum and how he wants to stop the Grand Rite. Increase laughs and shows him his scars from preventing the last Grand Rite. After seeing it, you get a new respect for Increase. He is determined to kill witches and you kinda cheer for him. Anyways, Cotton goes to where John buried it and it’s not there. He begins to be suspicious of John. Cotton is seriously just a lost soul. He needs to just get out of town and recoup…maybe go find his exiled prostitute girlfriend and just live someplace else. It’s getting pretty annoying how Cotton is just confused on who to believe… as usual.

salem2John’s Indian Story

As the trial goes on, the truth about John murdering Puritans comes out. He was rescued by the Mohawk Indians and treated like their own. After Puritans murdered a Mohawk village, John went after those men and murdered them. After that, Cotton begins to lose faith in John. Now the village knows John is a murderer and he’s going to hang no matter what – witch or no witch.

It’s Been Revealed

So finally… after many episodes of Mary almost gettingsalem 2 caught as a witch. She finally
exposes herself as a witch to John Alden. She desperately wants to save him and teleports him into the forest. He’s freaking out. You know, it’s about time this happened. They really love each other and she honestly had to tell him. I think if she wants him to be on her side, she should tell him about the baby too.

I’m not sure how this is going to go for John in the season finale. They are going to notice he’s missing from his cell. They probably are going to have this as proof that he’s a witch too. There’s going to be a lot of explaining to do back at Salem.

Overall, the episode had some “what the f! moments” like Anne’s witch cues, Mercy’s girls hanging and Mary revealing that she’s a witch to John. I don’t know how the last episode next week is going to pan out or even next season. Since John knows, what is he going to do? What’s going to happen with the Grand Rite? Is he going to tell him about their baby she sacrificed to the DEVIL?

Rating: 3.5/5 Atoms

NR 3_5 Atoms - B-

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