Brandon Routh set to join CW’s Arrow

Routh The Atom

In the past week or so two casting news have been revealed for The CW’s Arrow. Today a third casting news has been revealed for the hit show, and this time it’s Brandon Routh. He will once again be asked to don a DC superhero costume, though this time it won’t be for the Man of Steel.

So who will he be playing? The answer is hero Ray Palmer a.k.a. The Atom. Ray Palmer’s version of The Atom had him controlling his size while keeping his normal strength. This was made possible via a white-dwarf star made into a belt buckle then by hand movements. Finally he was able to control his size by his brainwaves.

I am a bit iffy on the selection because of the Superman movie he starred in. I just hope he steps his game up, so we’ll wait and see. Also, I have faith in the casting director(s) of Arrow in choosing the best to play their characters.

The Arrow returns October 8, 2014.

Source: TV Line

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