Gal Gadot hasn’t filmed Wonder Woman scenes yet for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Today we saw the debut photo of Henry Cavill as Superman for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film. This comes after the black and white photo reveal of Ben Affleck donning the bulky Batman suit, an homage to the “Dark Knight Returns” comic arc.

Other than these two, the next hero that everybody’s looking forward to seeing is Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, who will have an important role in the movie. Gadot has received some criticism about how she’s too skinny to portray the Amazonian princess.

USA Today was able to get the exclusive for the Superman photo, and it also revealed some news about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Zack Snyder says that the Wonder Woman scenes haven’t been shot yet. He continued, “She’s working out and getting buffed and ripped.”

What? She hasn’t filmed anything yet? Should we be worried? Probably not, but we could take this piece of news as after all the working out, she’s still not ready to look the part. Gadot still has some time to get ready, since we don’t have to worry about the movie until we get closer to the release date of May 6, 2016.

So if they haven’t filmed anything with her yet, what are the odds of us seeing some kind of Wonder Woman image or footage during San Diego Comic-Con? Well, with nothing filmed, we know for sure they won’t have any on-set stills. But, if they did tests on her in her Wonder Woman outfit, then there would be an opportunity there for that.

However, Zack Snyder could by lying to throw fans off. This isn’t the first time a Hollywood director has lied. J.J. Abrams said that Khan was not going to be in Star Trek Into Darkness, and we know that is a goddamn lie.

Will Zack Snyder throw fans off by revealing Wonder Woman in Hall H at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, or is he speaking the truth when he said that Wonder Woman hasn’t been filmed yet?

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