Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Souvenir Magazine


The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is coming soon! Not soon enough as the anticipation of this epic film is killing me. But to help ease your pain of waiting, you can sit back and relax with the new Official Movie Souvenir Magazine on newsstands now!

For many fans, this is an essential collectible. While I’m sure this won’t be worth billions, the information and nostalgia in this is worth having this. There is a history of the Planet of the Apes entitled ‘The Evolution of the Apes’, which could had been longer. In my opinion, it could had been a stand-alone edition. But the great thing about this magazine is that we get the posters of the movies as they evolve to the current installment, which are very pretty.

To me, what makes this an definite must-read are the pictures of Andy Serkis as Caesar. Yes, this mo-cap genius is well-known to us all. We have all seen him in various forms of mo-cap wonder, but there is something truly epic about seeing him on a horse embodying Caesar’s fury! Truly seeing how this translate into the characters that break our hearts is amazing and well worth a view. And to see how the battle scenes play out from mo-cap men to the final product is amazing!

Another amazing tidbit in the magazine are photos of Caesar’s teenage son Blue Eyes, played by Nick Thurston. We see how many layers this character will have, as we see the softer side represented in the pictures of him.

A great thing about this magazine is that it shows us how much talent is in this film. It is truly is an amazing art form that these performers accomplish.

Personally, this makes me even more antsy to see this film. I can’t wait for it to break my heart and make me cry. And that’s why I’ll be rereading this collectible for a very long time!

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