Vin Diesel shares his thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy after watching the latest cut

There’s an embargo right now on any movie reviews pertaining to Guardians of the Galaxy, however it looks like our own Vin Diesel still wanted to share his personal feelings about the movie. The popular Hollywood actor, who stars in this movie as Groot, a sentient tree, was able to take his family to an early screening of the movie, and he didn’t hold anything back about what he thought of the movie. Here’s what he stated:



I have to share this… My youngest who is 3 yrs old, has never been to a movie theater before in his life. Today, I was invited by Disney and Marvel to see the latest cut of Guardians of the Galaxy and I was able to take the angels. WOW!!!!!

To Marvel, Disney, the incredible cast and team and especially James Gunn… Thank you for making a GREAT MOVIE! It was amazing and will always be special, for it was the first film I was able to take my family to see and oh how they loved it.


Vin Diesel’s enthusiasm for his work is known to be addicting within the social media spectrum, and after reading his statement it makes me want to see the movie now. Marvel hasn’t failed yet on their releases and Guardians of the Galaxy is a big gamble for the studio, since it’s filled with mostly unknown characters. All I know is that Rocket Raccoon is most likely going to steal the show. Sorry, Vin. 😉

Guardians of the Galaxy releases August 1, 2014.


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