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For serial MMO players like myself, it would be difficult not to run into Perfect World Entertainment at one point or another. Whether it’s the Perfect World MMO itself, Jade Dynasty, Champions Online, Star Trek Online, or Neverwinter, PWE has the largest library of MMOs on the market currently. Speaking with personnel during E3 and beyond, the launch of their Arc Games client is big news for the MMO marketplace. Taking cues from the demand of the market and those with similar ideas of consolidation, Arc Games is now the place to go for your MMO needs.


I’ve personally spent many enjoyable hours with Champions Online, Star Trek Online, and Neverwinter, even with Path of Exile and APB: Reloaded. You may be familiar with a handful of those properties before they were acquired by Perfect World Entertainment, but to be clear, developers for Path of Exile have a unique relationship with PWE/Arc Games. Instead of being managed by the crew at Arc Games, Path of Exile’s team has a partnership where they develop the content and Arc Games is responsible for advertisement and distribution. Aside from the new client, they proposed that any developers who want to be a part of their network can do so.


Similar in function to STEAM, the Arc Client acts as the hub in which all your games launch from that singular program. If you were going to spend money through the microtransaction system, they’ve also handled the currency translation through their client system instead of trying to figuring out within each game how much your Arc Points translate towards.


“Switching to a new platform is something we’ve felt was necessary to bring all of our titles together in one centralized location,” said Perfect World Entertainment CEO, Dr. Alan Chen. “Our goal is to make Arc the premiere destination for the best free-to-play online games for both our players and partners, and to achieve this by growing the platform with new games, a constant stream of content, and features specifically designed for the PC gaming audience.”


PWE/Arc has a playerbase of 30 million people worldwide and is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Under its wing is Cryptic Studios and Runic Games. PWE was originally established in 2008 and rapidly became the greatest powerhouse in free-to-play games in the market today.

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