Watch Dogs DLC missions and extras now available


This is good news for those who have finished playing Watch Dogs and are waiting for an excuse to jump back into the hackable world of Chicago. Ubisoft has released the single player content for the game on all platforms. The content includes three single player missions, and unlockable weapons, perks and bonuses.

The Palace mission will have Aiden breaking inside an Internet mogul’s palace to remove sensitive information on the people of Chicago, including Dedsec and himself. Wipe the hard drive and escape before the cops raid the area and acquire the files. After all is done, it’s time to end the Internet mogul.


The Signature Shot Single Player Mission will have Aiden storming the Black Viceroys gang’s stronghold to steal the smuggled biometrics weapon, allowing him to be the first to imprint it.

The Breakthrough Single Player Mission will have Aiden searching for scrambler vehicles in order to locate the meeting involving the Chicago South Club and Corporate CEOs. Once located, it’s time to stop them in their tracks.


New weapons include the Biometric Rifle, a long-range weapon with a high firing rate, and the Auto-6 pistol, a burst fire pistol with heavy damage.

Perks, bonuses and outfit include an additional phone battery slot, the South Chicago outfit, a Blume Weapon Boost for faster reloading and less recoil on all weapons, a Driving Master boost that offers improved vehicle hit points and an ATM Hack boost that increases the amount of money gained when hacking accounts at ATMs.

If you’re a Season Pass holder, you can get the content now. Non-Season Pass holders will have to wait a week, with the DLC costing $6.99.

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